How to prepare before your appointment

Fill out and sign all required paperwork 

No alcohol or caffeine 24 hours before your appointment

No blood thinners such as Aleve, Ibprofen, etc. 48 hours prior to appointment

No tinting or waxing 2 weeks prior

Stay hydrated

You can fill in your brows before the appointment if you would like.  It lets me know what you are comfortable with as far as color and shape. 


Aftercare/what to expect

Do not get brows wet during the healing process (5-14 days)

Do not use any makeup in the brow area until COMPLETELY healed.

Do not pick, scrub, or rub any scabbing in the brows.

Keep eyebrows moisturized after healed

Avoid sweating or working out the first few days of healing

Keep sunscreen on brows when in the sun. This will keep color from fading and turning grey.  

If your brows appear a bit pink around the strokes, its normal and will fade over time.

Your brows will initially appear darker and bigger, but once peeling is done, the color will fade and soften. Brows may appear patchy even with proper aftercare, which is why 2 sessions are necessary.